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 AFG Southern NV LDC


 Location and Mailing Address 

    8200 W. Sahara Ave 

Las Vegas, NV. 89117


Phone: (702) 488-8049







Welcome to AFG Southern NV LDC website. Here is how it works:


1) Place your order for literature online.


2) At checkout you may choose to pay online or in person when you pick up your order. Shipping is also available if you cannot pick up your order. Al-Anon Groups that need delivery may call 702-488-8049 to make arrangements. 


3) When you arrive (at the location to the left) to pick up your order it will be waiting for you. Pay the cashier if you didn't make a payment online and you are finished.


4) If you need assistance carrying the literature to your car, someone will help you with that too.


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